8:30-WELCOME: Kathy Detweiler, BSN, RN, CLS

The Neuroscience of Skin to Skin Contact- why it matters for both mother and baby

9:45-What is new in breastfeeding literature?:  Anne Eglash, MD, IBCLC
What are national trends?  What is research telling us?

11:00-Engaging pharmacists as partners in your community: Veronica Vernon, RPh
How can we inform and engage pharmacies and pharmacists in our communities to help us inform mother's and providers? 


1:15-Hearing from the experts
-What's new in breast pumps? Kathy Mason, RNC-NIC, IBCLC, Riley Hospital for Children
Donation/Milk Banking:  Sarah Long, IBCLC, The Milk Bank
-Using S
ocial MediaHelp at your fingertips:  Sheryl Ward, RN, IBCLC, South-central Indy Breastfeeding Coalition

2:00-We are not alone! Panel discussion: Kathy Detweiler, BSN, RN, CLS, moderator
How is breastfeeding on the agenda in your organization?  How can we help each other?  How can lactation professionals approach your colleagues to collaborate to improve outcomes? 
-ACOG-IN, Mary Abernathy, MD
-AAP-IN, Tony Gia Quinta, MD
-ISDH, Kris Box, MD, Indiana State Health Commissioner
-IU School of Medicine, Emily Scott, MD
-Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, Anne Eglash, MD, IBCLC

3:15-Parental Perinatal Behavior: Nils Bergman, PhD
Engaging fathers and other support people in the benefits of skin to skin. The brain of the adult is changed as much as the baby's and the foundation is laid for more effective parenting through infancy and beyond.