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Mothering Mothers: The Critical Role of Breastfeeding Support
Brooke Scelza, Vice Chair of Graduate Studies, UCLA Department of Anthropology

The scientific and popular literature are rife with examples of the challenges and barriers women face in establishing and maintaining breastfeeding. The majority of these studies focus on women in contemporary, industrialized settings, and there is a common conception that these problems are relatively novel and result from women being increasingly detached from the “natural” process of infant feeding. Here, I review cross-cultural evidence and present novel findings from my own research with Himba pastoralists showing that it is not the incidence of postpartum struggles that is different, but the availability of a complex support network to buffer women in those early weeks. In particular, I focus on the role that women’s own mothers often play, providing targeted support that contributes to the postnatal health and well-being of their daughters and grandchildren.

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